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Corrib Red by Patricia Hopper

For lovers of historical fiction, Patricia Hopper delivers with Corrib Red. Set in the 1880s in rural Ireland, it is centered on the O'Donovan family estate, Kilpara. Threading through the story is the escalating political tensions for Irish Home Rule. Her work is infused with the authentic flavor of Ireland. From the peat bogs and cottages of the commoners to mansions and finery of the gentry, Hopper deftly weaves a story of love, betrayal, deceit, family ties, and the distinction between the classes.

Corrib Red is the second in a three-book family saga. The first book, Kilpara, follows the previous generations of the O’Donovan family across the Atlantic and back in a battle for their family home. Yet Corrib Red also stands alone as a wonderful story steeped in Ireland's history and culture. — M. Lynne Squires, Charleston Gazette-Mail

I finished reading Corrib Red. I can't wait until book three is finished. Patricia weaved Kilpara and Corrib Red nicely together. Once I began reading Corrib Red, I could not put it down. It was a good read and at times, suspenseful. Now I am anxious to hear what happens with the rest of the story. — Diane Byrnes, host of Echoes of Ireland radio show in Pittsburgh, PA
Corrib Red
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Cactus Rain Publishing
published date
March 17, 2017
Historical, Ireland,
Family Saga
Soft Cover
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$15.95 USD

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Corrib Red
Patricia Hopper

The O'Donovans' affluent lifestyle is mostly unaffected by simmering tensions for Home Rule in Ireland. Change intrudes upon their lives when Grace O'Donovan welcomes her older sister, Deirdre, home from her year abroad. Grace expects to find her sister worldlier, more sophisticated after her sojourn in Europe. Instead, Deirdre is moody and listless. Unbeknownst to Grace, Deirdre is concealing a well-guarded secret. When their childhood friend and neighbor Cecil Sloane discovers Deirdre's hidden past, he demands her hand in marriage in return for his silence. A price so dear it shakes the O'Donovan family to its core, tests Grace's courage and loyalty.

Patricia Hopper

Patricia HopperPATRICIA HOPPER is a native of Dublin, Ireland, now making her home in West Virginia. She is the author of award-winning articles and short fiction pieces. Her debut novel, KILPARA, the first of the three-part O'Donovan family saga, was published in 2015. CORRIB RED is the second novel in the series of this amazing and troubled family, the O'Donovans.

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