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Hummingbird Cantina by D. Michael Poppe


I was fascinated with Hummingbird Cantina and I highly recommend this book! The author's sensitivity and creativity with relationships, hummingbirds, and mota shines through in this one. It is an intriguing, mysterious fictional page turner that when you put it down causes you to keep thinking about it until you pick it back up! — Beverly Juhl

Hummingbird Cantina
Cactus Rain Publishing
published date
October 1, 2017
fiction: Southwestern USA,
relationships and love
Soft Cover
number of pages
$10.00 USD

Hummingbird Cantina
D. Michael Poppe

Hope and Antonio Salazar are traveling from NYC across the United States, hoping they can renew their troubled marriage. They are in New Mexico, Antonio’s birthplace and the home of his family. Hope wants to meet Antonio's family, but Antonio is ambivalent about calling them.

The couple is on a decaying two-lane road in the northern part of the state, it is dusk, and they are lost, hungry, and exhausted. They arrive in Escondido, a town that isn’t on the map. Out of desperation they ask a service station attendant for help. He sends them to the Hummingbird Cantina, a mysterious place in the mountains, where Hope convinces Antonio to stay for a few days to get reacquainted.

The proprietors of the cantina, Trujillo and Esperanza, are an eccentric and bewildering couple who challenge everything Antonio and Hope believe.

During their visit, they experience the meaning of life, the true meaning of love, explore the legitimacy of their marriage, and their existence. They question everything. One of them will learn the answers and the other will not.

D. Michael Poppe

D. Michael PoppeD. MICHAEL POPPE grew up in Iowa on a dairy farm. He served in the US Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged in 1971. He attended the University of California at Irvine and studied art and music. He received a Studio Art degree in 1976. Dean has painted as a professional artist since college, and has examples of his work in numerous private collections. He retired in 2007 and finally had time for serious writing. Hummingbird Cantina is his second novel. He still draws when he has time, and lives with his wife Ann and two rescued dogs in New Mexico.

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