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Road Without Signposts by Barbara Morris


"Family intrigue, dark secrets, beautiful, atmospheric landscapes, wild mountains and several twists! Just a fabulous read." – Jacqueline Elliot

"WOW! Well done Barbara, absolutely fantastic book, loved it from the first page til the last! Now, how long before number three? Please tell me there's more to come from the Wilder family??" – Kerrie Gordon
Road Without Signposts
Cactus Rain Publishing
published date
June 1, 2016
family saga
Soft Cover
number of pages
$15.95 USD

Road Without Signposts
Barbara Morris

Skye, November 1993. It is two months since Kate Wilder lost her mother, her identity and, according to her family, her sanity. What other explanation can there be for her following the astounding path she has chosen? But Kate is in love and nobody has the right to tell her what to do. Not now.

On Vancouver Island, a man wrestles with emotiions he barely recognises - hope, amazement, joy - all of which are steeped in fear. Fear that he may lose his daughter for good, that life may turn its back on him a second time or, worst of all, that he might damage a unique young woman beyond repair. When the road ahead is unclear, sometimes you have to rely on trust.

Barbara Morris

Barbara MorrisBARBARA MORRIS was raised in Langholm, a small town in the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland. Although now living and working in rural Northumberland, where the idyllic Cheviot Hills are her escape from the world, she writes prolifically about her favourite place, the Isle of Skye.

Her debut novel ONE MISSED STEP, set on Skye and Vancouver Island, was a finalist in the People's Book Prize.

She continues to tell the stories of the Wilder family in ROAD WITHOUT SIGNPOSTS.

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