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Storm Surge by Nadine Laman

"Storm Surge kept me awake until 2 AM the other night because I had to know how it ended. Kathryn was a wonderful woman who was strong, smart, loving and so generous. I learned to love the grandfather, too. There were some great, strong sentences throughout the book. It was wonderful. I so enjoyed all three books." —Connie E. Curry, US Author of Give Me Back My Glory

"As Kathryn leaves her beloved beach behind to move into her new position and the family mansion ... begins to unravel family secrets, threats to her life and very suspicious corporate activity ... Kathryn must meet them all head on. As usual, with large doses of her prized coffee, she does beautifully. Storm Surge is very well written and as usual with Nadine Laman's work, I did not want it to end." —Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

"No wonder you can write. It's like you're searching for souls." —Jeannine Garsee, US author, Before, After, and Somebody In Between

"Just finished Storm Surge, I was really surprised at the ending!" —Jean Flynn
Kathryn's Beach
Cactus Rain Publishing
published date
Soft Cover
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$15.95 USD

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Storm Surge (3rd book of the trilogy)
Nadine Laman

Grandfather McKenzie makes a surprise announcement at a staged media event, naming his successor to the McKenzie multi-billion dollar empire. The McKenzie heirs aren't thrilled and they aren't the only ones. Will Kathryn live long enough to expose the family secrets?

Nadine Laman

Nadine LamanNadine was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California, during the turbulent winds of social unrest - which explains the eternally optimistic belief that we can have a better world. She graduated from Arizona State University School of Social Work at a time when social work was a vehicle of social change that could not be ignored.

In the tradition of Irish storytellers' wit, humor, tragedy, tongue-in-cheek satire, her characters' strengths and weaknesses are exposed to further explore the human drama in which we live. Nadine prefers to write in a personal voice for the protagonist - a much more enjoyable style for herself - and, she hopes for you. She currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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