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Submissions to Cactus Rain Publishing

Cactus Rain Publishing is seeking unique fiction manuscripts from authors around the world. The manuscripts and all correspondence MUST be in English.

We do NOT accept:

  • Non-fiction, memoirs, horror, erotica, novella, young adult, children's books, and poetry collections for publication

  • Works that promote one religion over another, any work that promotes hate against a group or individual, acts of violence to children, women, or specific groups or classes within society

  • Previously published manuscripts, books, or ebooks

  • Copyrighted materials

  • Submissions that are not in manuscript format or that are pasted in the body of an email

We are looking for fresh ideas and new voices. We are unimpressed with statements that compare the manuscript or writing style to an already published book.

Our vetting process is multi-tiered. Making it to the next level adds additional length to our response time. Most of the time, a quick reply from us is not a good sign.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with Cactus Rain Publishing before querying, and individualize your query to us. We understand the practicality of simultaneous queries and do consider them, but mention in the query letter if it is a simultaneous submission. Please indicate if your work has previously been published and under what circumstance, including self-publishing an ebook.

What we require:

  • A well written query letter, not necessarily formulaic in style. Include the genre, word count, brief synopsis, and something that makes you stand out and get our attention in a good way. We are less impressed with awards than most publishers. We rather have a writer with a sincere passion for writing and for the queried ms, than "bling." Indicate the primary market for the book. (Note: "Everyone" is not a sufficient answer.) Include contact information.

  • A one page synopsis. Send it as an attachment. Make sure the title and your name is on the synopsis. The document file name should be: your last name and the word "synopsis." The file must be in MSWord.

  • First three chapters, no more. Do not send front matter. It must be in manuscript format. It must be in MSWord. Take the time to make sure the ms is in proper format and your best work. Do not send the first draft or a chapter outline.

Online submissions may be made to

If we are interested in reading further, we will request a full ms. Do not be tempted to send it before it is requested. (We prefer to work with authors who can follow instructions.)

Use a frequently monitored email address as your point of contact.

Some people talk about writing a book and never do. Others finish the first draft and think that is the end product. We are looking for writers who can make it to the endgame with a manuscript that is a quality work by industry standards.

We look at three things:

  • Quality of voice; the strength of the writing
  • Fresh story lines
  • Attitude of the writer; ability to take direction

We encourage debut writers to query Cactus Rain Publishing. Give it your best effort and we will give you a fair chance. We respond only to queries that follow the submission guidelines.

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